Sunday, July 28, 2013

Roofing & Skylights

On the Ridge. Note how he has a rope tied to his harness.

The planking provides a good place to stage work

Starting Roof around the Skylights

Roofing the last of the Exposed Section

Adding the Flashing

The Roof is Finished!

Framing around the Skylight. This method maximizes the light

Room over the Garage Looking from the Entrance

View from the Other End. These two Skylights really open up the room.
I went over to the house on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised to see the framing crew working. They had been waiting for the skylights for the room over the garage to come in before finishing the roof. The shipment arrived on Thursday and they were now tackling the installation and wrapping up the roof.
It was a hot and muggy day again and I’d take a break every now and then from what I was working on and watch these guys work. They were absolute professionals and kept the work moving even on what had to be a very hot roof.
By the end of the day, the roof was now complete and the skylights installed. This is great news because this means that I’ll no longer have rain coming in and finding its way to the basement where I still have a large puddle from the last rain storm. Now it can finally start drying out.
And begin week three of the weed whacker still in the box. Man am I going to be in trouble.
Enjoy your week.