Monday, October 21, 2013


The Gas Fireplace Vent Pipe Runs Up Through the Roof

Trimming and Siding the Chimney

Trimmed and Sided to Match the House
Lining Up the Chimney Cap

Attaching it With Screws
Finished Product Up Close
Back Yard View
Houses really are built differently these days when compared to years ago. One area that has changed a lot is the chimney. In years past they were built with brick and were normally in the middle of the house or at one of the ends. In early America, chimneys were used to vent fireplaces and in later years they were used to vent furnaces. The house that I grew up in was over 200 years old with a large central chimney that serviced seven fireplaces. We never used them as the chimney was cracked in a number of places. Truthfully, I'm pretty sure that even with the cracks the chimney was holding up the house. But I digress.
Now a days, the hot gasses from the high efficiency furnaces are vented out the side of the house through PVC pipe and chimneys are becoming a thing of the past. Unless of course you have a gas or wood fireplace and then you need a way to vent them.
We have a gas fireplace in the living room so a chimney was a necessity. But instead of brick, the exhaust is run up through a stove pipe which in turn is run out through the roof. In order to keep with the look of our house, we had the vent pipe boxed in and capped. To add to it even further, the builder sided it with the same type of shingles that were used on the side of the house. And it looks great.
While we’re not looking forward to the cold weather, we’re looking forward to using our new gas fireplace. And the chimney is kind of like the cherry on top.
Enjoy your week.