Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trim Work Continues & Other Work Begins

Cutting the Trim in the Living Room Shop

The Stairs to the Room Over the Garage Have been Installed
They look great!

White Oak Treads

The Crown Molding Breaks up the High Wall Nicely
LED tape lights will provide nice up lighting.

Windows Trimmed out and Crown Molding in the Dining Room
The Orange Paint outlines the Stone Wall and Walkway
Stone Veneer will Wrap the Garage wall

A Load of Processed Material being Delivered
Boxes of Kitchen Cabinets in the Kitchen

And more in the Dining Room
The trim work continues. All the interior doors have been hung and working smoothly. Crown molding has been wrapped around the Dining Room and three quarters of the Living Room. With the high walls the crown molding breaks it up nicely. We left the wall opposite the fireplace without the crown molding to give the impact of a high wall. Sort of like having two rooms in one. I suggested to my better half that down the road we could put LED tape lights along the backside of the molding to give an up light effect. She liked the idea. When I then added that we could also set it up to have changing colors like red, and green and white and have them change every ten seconds or so, she commented that now would be a good time to stop.
While the trim work was going on in the inside, outside I met with the Mason, Mike Carpenter from Stone Age Masonry ( to go over plans for the stone wall alongside the driveway as well as installing stone veneer on the garage wall. We had originally planned to slope the side area and put in granite stairs. But like with any plan, the more my better half I talked about the different possibilities the more we liked the idea of a stone wall. We also wanted to cover up the unappealing concrete wall on the garage so we’ve decided to have it covered with a stone veneer.
I had planned on building a nice stone patio and walkway next year on the garage side of the house near the kitchen, but never having enough weekends and knowing how much outside work we’ll be doing next year, we’re obtaining quotes from Mike for doing the work instead.  He’s already provided some really good ideas and we’re glad he’s doing our masonry work. JM Equipment also dropped off a load of processed material for use in the work. They are a busy company and dropping off the material was really appreciated. It's companies like this that keep things moving along.
In the middle of all of this, the kitchen cabinets were delivered. This calls for a big YAY! I’m not sure when they’ll start the install but just having them on site is huge progress. And with Thanksgiving coming up this week it seems appropriate.
Enjoy your week.