Monday, December 16, 2013

Starting the Stone Work

Bobcat Moving Material 
(I need to think of way to convince my better half
that we need one of these.)

The Stone that will be Used in the Stonewall

Leveling up Under Where the side Porch will go
(They put down a barrier cloth to help prevent weeds)

These Stones will provide the type of wall that we are looking for.

Future Steps leading from Driveway to Walkway

Blue Stone Caps for over the Garage wall Stone Veneer

Blanket Material to help keep the Ground from Freezing
This will be the side patio.

It will be nice once the Porch is Built

Perfect. The stonework starts and it snows.

Then it Rained and Froze and now we have a Front Yard Skating Rink

While most of the inside work has come to a lull as the different contractors are off on other sites, we were pleased to see the stone work outside started. 

Mike from Stone Age Masonry had a crew there doing the prep work of laying down the base material. It starts first with gravel which provides for drainage. They would put the gravel down in layers and then use vibrators to compact it even further. Later they will put a few inches of sand over the gravel before laying the pavers over the sand.

The plan is to have a stone wall alongside the driveway with steps and a walkway leading to the porch steps. There will also be a small patio alongside the porch. I’ll have to dig up what everything is constructed from other than stone and concrete. Sorry. Long day at work.

Of course, within a few days of starting, it snowed and rained and the temperature dropped to the teens. Work has stopped for now but we have a nice skating rink in the front yard.

It’s the little things isn’t it?

Enjoy your week.