Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Elves Have Returned from the North Pole

If you look closely you can see the drawing for the 
Front Door Trim

And the Trim Work is Up

Side View of the Front Door

Wainscoating Going Up in the Dining Room

Door Trim, Wainscoating & a Column That 
Really adds to it All. When we saw it in the Drawings
we knew it would look great. And it is.

Transom Window over the door to the Kitchen
Mullions will be Added

The Stair Trim has Begun

0 Degree Weather and Plenty of Snow

I think it's Going to be awhile before the Outside Masonry Work
Starts Up Again

So I’m pretty sure now that Christmas is over it’s safe to say that the elves have been relieved of their toy making duties and have now returned to work at our house. Thank you Santa.

Truthfully, it has nothing to do with Santa. Or the subs. It’s all about proper scheduling. And if the backroom doesn’t get it right and schedule the subs properly then the work doesn’t happen. Plain and simple.

Speaking of subs, we’re fortunate that we have true craftsmen doing the interior work. Finish work is not easy. Corners must be mitered correctly. Doors must close correctly and everything must fit together perfectly. This is what everyone sees and when it’s not right, most, maybe not all, but most will notice. And that’s what they leave with. We know when we have visitors they’ll see the fine workmanship of the carpenters who are putting the finish trim work in our house. We hope they like what they see. We do so far.

Enjoy your week.