Thursday, August 15, 2013

Doors, Stairs and a Filled in Trench

Kitchen Door that will Lead in from the Porch
Future Home of the Kitchen Door (and Porch)

Garage Back Door
Future Home of the Garage Back Door

Stairs Leading Up From the Basement

Stairs Leading Down from the Kitchen to the Basement and Garage

Stairs Leading up From the Garage to the Kitchen
And the Trench is Filled In!
The doors have all now arrived. Well except for the garage doors which will come somewhere down the road. We now have the kitchen door and the door to the back of the garage sitting in the garage patiently waiting for someone to come along and install them.

The stairs leading from the garage up to the kitchen and down to the basement have finally been added. I’m not sure why they were saved to almost last, but at least they are in. I’m guessing given that the doors are about to be installed and nailed shut (no hardware yet), they needed some way to get into the house.

And the electrical conduit trench has been filled in. Apparently, it had to wait on the inspection. And of course, with an open trench the siding couldn’t be done because I’m guessing they could fall in the trench or something like that. Either way the siding staples are in (yes, they use staples which hold the shingles better) so we don’t have to worry about for want of a nail.

Tomorrow the framers have some cats and dogs to wrap up including the installation of a couple of skylights. Then it’s on to the electrical and siding next week. We hope.

And I still have a bunch of pavers to pick up. My back is saying “yay!”

Not really.

Enjoy your weekend