Monday, August 26, 2013

Vacation & Irises

Newport - A Summer Sail
It was relaxing to watch it glide across the waves
Barrington, RI Harbor - End of the afternoon
Irises from a Friend Ready for Planting
So in addition to me being on vacation, it looks like the house construction has taken a vacation as well. Other than shingling on two walls not much else happened. We were told that there would be momentary lulls like this as one contractor winds down and others wind up. It just seems to be bad planning when the home owner has to watch the lull. Let’s hope this week is a wind up week.
Seeing there was nothing to watch at the house we went down to Newport and had a great lunch and caught the cool breeze coming off the bay while watching the boats go by. It was relaxing and a well-deserved break.
It was nice to receive a box from a friend full of Irises ready to plant. I have a lot of ideas of where I want plant them but because the landscaping is so far from being done I have to find a temporary new home for them. And I can’t wait until next spring to see their colors.
Of course I don’t want summer to be over either but it looks like we’re heading into our last week (September doesn’t count). And I’ve enjoyed each day that we’ve had so far.
Enjoy your week.