Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Basement wall competed, Decking well along the way.
Looking towards the garage
Framing Day 2
More progress today! Rough, exterior basement walls are complete. They put on the balance of the floor trusses and started laying the subfloor, completing most of it. I saw used tubes lying around that could have been glue that I think (hope) were used as part of the sub floor install to prevent squeaking. I had dress shoes on so I didn’t venture out in the mud to investigate further. (Don’t ask.) Noticed that a port-a-potty had been delivered yesterday and a large roll off dumpster today.

I sent JM (excavation company) a text and told them their excavator was missing. That’s when I learned they came today and picked it up. I had been thinking about mulching around it as a joke.

Abby drove by and said the crew had a very professional look with their hard hats. That’s a good sign.

An approaching thunder and lightning storm kept me from sticking around and admiring their work further. It’s tough not being around during  the day to supervise.

They’re probably very thankful.