Sunday, May 19, 2013

It’s a Sunday morning and I’m sitting here getting impatient with how long it’s taking me to get my blog up to current state. (I’m about six months behind). So I’ve distracted myself with “something shiny” by looking on Craigslist for wall stone or block.

Part of my plan is to cut some of the slopes with a stone wall. The thought of the work involved is not so daunting but the thought of me sticking with it weekend after weekend is. I’ve done that sort of thing before and once I get into, I’m pretty driven. But, also easily distracted.

My problem besides being slightly impatient, is trying to be perfect. I’m bad enough that once when sending out envelopes for a campaign, I insisted that the stamps be put on straight. (I have my reasons). But leave it to my friends to keep me grounded. They made a point of sending one to my house with the stamp on crooked and bunched up with a gravy stain on the envelope. I did get a good chuckle but of course, me being me, wondered if any others went out like that. They know how to get me.

And I’m actually getting better as I get older about things that are really important in life. Straight stamps still are still on my list though.

At any rate, so I’m thinking about the stone and which type would look best. I prefer that flat stone look but know that blocks will go in a lot quicker. Which one will look best and not drive me crazy trying to get it perfect though?

I’m off to the site to cut what’s left of the grass and to think some more about the future landscaping.
Maybe I’ll find something else shiny to distract me.