Sunday, May 12, 2013


Mid-September 2012
After a few weeks of discussion and at times, disagreement, we were still throwing ideas around of what we should do with our house. We knew what we didn’t like about the house (pretty much everything) and had a lot of ideas of what we would like in a house.
Along the way when we discussed our grand plans with family and friends, on more than one occasion we were told that it was cheaper to build new than renovate. Considering the amount of work that we wanted to do we didn’t believe that possible. Hmmm, maybe now though it was an idea worth exploring?
We had often driven through our local (and not so local) neighborhoods to get ideas for general design, landscaping and so on. While doing this we noted a number of signs that indicated “so and so company“ were building a new home or doing the renovation. On those that were new we thought that it was kind of crazy to be building a new house in this current economic environment.
But maybe they weren’t so crazy?