Monday, June 17, 2013


Footings looking north

Looking north from the other corner

Footings looking south

Garage footing - Note the drop in the front middle (read the story)
Crushed stone spread out - Sump pump goes in the black tube on left
Ramp for Concrete Truck
Once the foundation hole was complete, Two Brothers Foundation Corporation arrived and began laying out the forms for the foundation footings. Footings, which are about 2 feet wide, are used as a base for the concrete foundation wall to help prevent settling. At the recommendation of the builder, rebar (steel rods) were added in the area where the old foundation was. While they didn’t think there was going to be any problem, they felt that because the material in the area had been disturbed (they like dirt that hasn’t been dug up), it would be best to ensure that the footings were stable. They weren’t going to get any objections from us.

I did get a little concerned about the footings in the garage(it looked like it was not going to fit a car, OK, it was my side so my car) and sent a text off to Meridian asking about them about it. I followed up with a never mind shortly later when I found out that Abby had already asked the form guys the same question. Yes, it was going to be fine.

Once the footings were poured and the forms removed, JM Equipment added crushed stone to the area where the basement floor was going to be. Not only does it provide a solid base for the concrete floor, it also allows water to move around under the floor and not pool up (hopefully leading to a dry basement). They also built up the material (dirt) that had been excavated in high ramps so that the concrete trucks can drive up on them and pour the concrete down.

It was exciting to see the outline of our new house and we walked around marveling at its size and layout. This was really going to be ours?

Now it is on to the foundation walls!