Thursday, June 13, 2013

Starting on the Garage

Framing the Front Garage Wall
 Temporary Staging- Note the Laminated beam
Back wall - Sheathing being added
Front wall - Ready for the Room over Garage Floor
The work on the garage has started. The walls are up and you can see where the floor for the room over the garage will be. They even built temporary staging in order to install the large laminated joist. This will ensure that we don’t need any support columns in the garage for the car doors to bang against. The front wall between the garage doors and roof looks large but we’re going to break it up with a small roof over the garage doors.
Once the garage roof is on, they’ll be able to tie the roof lines all together and the house will take on its street look.

More rain is in the forecast so our basement which was starting to dry out will be filling back up again.

Oh yay…