Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away

Front Wall for Room over Garage

Wall for the Girl Cave

Strapping on Main Floor

Water, water everywhere…
So, that’s pretty much how the week went. The cellar would dry out and then it would rain again (torrentially of course, no light showers here…) so now we have an inch or so in the basement (not that it’s going to hurt anything). The floors and everything else were soaked. And of course mud everywhere. The rain prevented the framers from working a full week but progress was still made. They were able to get the walls up for the garage and start on the walls for the Room over the Garage (Girl Cave). They were also able to get the strapping, which is used to as a base for the ceiling sheet rock, installed on the main level. This is great because now they’ll be able to start on interior walls.
The weather is looking promising for the upcoming week. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.