Sunday, September 8, 2013

Life Returns to Normal

Siding Over Back of Garage
We're thinking of adding a small awning roof over the
garage door to break up the wall

Side of Garage
An Awning Roof will be Over the Garage Doors.

Trim Work Over Front Windows

Front Scaffolding - Ready for Siding
 Full Front View
Connecting the Power Lines
Electrical Meter- Remember the dial we used to watch spin as kids?
They don't have that anymore as they are digital.

Sorry. It’s been a long week since coming back from vacation.
 Caught up at work after being away for a couple of weeks, lost a friend to cancer after a two year battle, moved more pavers, brought ourselves up to date with house decisions and my better half’s new 2013 Honda Accord (1,400 miles) stopped steering leaving us stranded. Life returns to normal…
 Progress on the house. The siders returned and wrapped up the back and side of the garage. They also set up the scaffolding on the front of the house so they were staged for an early morning start.
 I was lucky enough to go by when the electric company was there connecting the wires from the pole to the underground conduit.  While there wasn’t much to see (and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have let me ride in the bucket to take pictures if I asked) it’s a step forward to bringing lights to the house. So we now have a connection. No electricity in the house yet, but at least we have a connection. And a meter so we can get a bill once it’s turned on.
 I’ve moved a bunch more pavers and now can see the progress with an unorganized pile being moved to neatly stacked pallets. And my back is holding out. So far…
 We’re looking forward to this week coming up after last week’s return to normal. I think I’d like a new normal though.
 Enjoy your week.