Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rough Plumbing

The Tub is In
Washer Hook Ups & Drain

Pex Tubing Used for Supply Lines
It's quicker and easier to install than copper pipes

Red for Hot and Blue for ...

Drains & Supply Lines in the Laundry Room

Clamps are Used to Attach the Pex Tubing to the Shower Faucet

Metal Plates cover the Lines to Protect them from Sheetrock Screws

From the Guest Bathroom, to the Laundry Room to the Master Bath
Future Water Heater Location
They pressurize the line to test for leaks and
monitor it with the gauge

Lots of Pipe

The rough plumbing is pretty much complete. You don’t realize how much piping is run until you look back at the pictures of pipes stacked up or in rolls. Now we have supply lines and drains running from future sinks and toilets and showers and a bath tub through walls and floors and vents through the roof. We have a Master Bath, Guest bath and future baths in the Room over the Garage and in the Basement. There’s a Laundry Room and a Kitchen. And outdoor faucets.

 It’s an incredible amount of work and to think it all gets hidden behind walls never to be seen again. We hope. But like the wiring, it brings the house through one more phase and brings us closer too moving in. Once the rough wiring and plumbing is completed and inspected the insulation can get started. And then the sheetrock and then plastering and so on.

Just when you think you’re close…