Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rough Wiring

Rough Wiring

It's Easier to Pull It From a Large Spool

Wiring in Master Bath for Soffit Lights and Mirror Lights
They loosely loop it around to make it easier for fixture placement
Looking Towards the Front Bedrooms from the Dining Room
200 Amp Panel
The Extension Cord Question

Leading to a Live Outlet!

With 2 KW used
I saw this a number of times and it didn't click that we actually had power.
It looks things are ramping up. The rough wiring is almost complete and they surprised us with turning the electricity on.
Earlier we spent a lot of time walking through the house with the electricians confirming where the switches would go (we had done a first pass with Meridian in August) as well as additional outlets. I can’t emphasize enough walking through each room and in your mind flipping switches and plugging in things. Some folks miss this and think good flow is limited to furniture placement. Switch and light placement are integral to a good flow.
While code dictates the minimums there isn’t any reason you can’t add to them. For instance we wanted to make sure that on the wall in the Master Bedroom where the headboard is going that we had double outlets for clocks, phone chargers, lamps and what not. You don’t want to wish you had thought of that the very first time you start plugging things in.
The same goes for lighting. We have a number of recessed lights and wanted to make sure they were just right. We think we’re there.
One of the best parts was when I was walking through was noticing an extension cord that was looped down through the floor. I thought it was odd as they had usually been using a generator outside to power tools. When I traced it to the basement, I found it plugged into a live outlet! Yay, we have power! Finally.
Another nice step to making it our home.
Enjoy your weekend.